“The Blind Side”

“THE BLIND SIDE” Encouraged Me Never To Give Up.

Some movies have the ability to truly affect the audience. These films inspire us, move us, and teach us. For myself, the most influential movie I have seen is “The Blind Side.” The events and traits of Michael Oher brought me to realize the affect of perseverance and dedication. 
To many, Michael Oher was considered a lost cause. His childhood, surrounded by addiction, abuse, and neglect, was unlikely to ever reach success. He bumbled through his youth, being pushed from foster home to foster home, and school was never a good place for him. But when he stumbled across the Tuohy family, his life changed forever. He not only was exposed to love for the first time from his new family members, but the incentive to succeed grew in him. They discovered his incredible ability to play football, but his bad grades in school were an impediment in his path of playing football for his new school. Ignoring his troubled and rocky past, he worked his hardest with the help of others to achieve his educational goals. His determination, dedication, and perseverance helped him to ignore his unfair past and succeed in his future. He went on to play division 1 football.
Michael Oher’s exceeding determination shown bright against his difficult past and carried him very far. The most influential lesson from this movie was that dreams, accompanied with dedication, perseverance, and motivation, are never impossible, despite your past, even if the odds are against you. This lesson is beneficial to remember when I try out for a sports team, take a challenging class, or even doing something courageous. 
An example of this was when I tried out for the high school golf team in middle school. I was very nervous, because I didn’t know anyone. I tried out horribly. I didn’t make the cut and I was scared to try out again the next year as a high schooler. I even considered quitting golf. However, I put the previous year behind me and decided to start new. I tried out much better than last year and now I am on the golf team and I have even gotten varsity playing time. I am glad I didn’t quit.
Looking at the big picture, a mindset of ‘I can’ rather than ‘I can’t’ is very affective. If Michael Oher hadn’t persevered through the hard work of earning better grades (he went from a 0.76 to a 2.52 GPA with the help of his family and tutor), his career would be much different. His successful football career may not have existed. If I give up on goals, I will never know where I could’ve gotten. This movie helped teach me that.


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